The Story of The Stoplight Project


I am a hugger!  My friends and family all know that about me.  COVID certainly put a monkey wrench in that style of greeting, not just for me but so many people.  Now we approach others with a certain wariness and uncertainty.   Asking "Hug, fist bump or no contact?" every time you come in contact with someone can be frustrating!  

I thought "there has to be a way that we can wear something that will show others how we feel". That's when I took an idea a friend shared for an event and came up with the idea of promoting COVID COMFORT LEVEL items to help people navigate the act of greeting friends, family and colleagues.  

GREEN = You are good with close contact (hugs, handshakes and high fives)

YELLOW = You are not ready for hugs yet, but a fist bump is fine

RED = You are still going with no contact at all

Wearers can choose from different options to show their comfort level when it comes to contact with others.  You can choose one color for every situation, or choose different ones to wear depending upon where you are and who you are with?

Seems simple enough, right?  If you think so too, please help spread the word.  Even if you don't buy anything from us, we hope you will promote the concept and create some buzz.

Thanks for stopping by!


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